Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sample Poker Clock Download

Sample Poker Clock
Download - Sample Poker Clock Files

Sample poker clock that displays information about the current and upcoming levels.  A custom template is displayed during breaks and a chime is repeated near the end of each level.

This template was designed for a 1280x1024 display.  It will automatically stretch to fit any resolution but will look best at similar aspect ratios, see this post -

Files in Download

SamplePokerTournament.qtt – Main Template that displays info about current level and has buttons for managing the tournament.

SamplePokerTournamentBreak.qtt – Displays information about the current Break and upcoming level.

Bell.wav – Small chime to play every second during the last five seconds of each level.
Attention.wav – Sound to play when there are 10 seconds remaining before the current break ends.

Images for the Play/Pause/Next/Previous/Stop and Exit buttons.

PokerClock.qtpds – Configuration file for the current tournament, includes blinds, levels and breaks.

Installation Instructions
Copy the Sounds folder from the zip file into your C:\Program Files\QwikTouchPro\Sounds folder.

Copy the Templates, Programs and Media into their corresponding folders for your installation –
  • C:\Program Files\QwikTouchPro\Templates
  • C:\Program Files\QwikTouchPro\Programs
  • C:\Program Files\QwikTouchPro\Media

To run, open SamplePokerTournament.qtt in one of the following ways -
  1.   By right clicking the QwikTouchPro Icon in the system tray, choosing open and browsing to it
  2.   Opening the template from the QwikTouchPro Editor and clicking Quick Preview
  3.   Double clicking on the template and choosing to open it with QwikTouchPro.exe

QwikTouch Pro as a Poker Clock

QwikTouchPro can now be used to create custom poker clocks and can track Ante, SB, BB, Level Times and Breaks.

Using QwikTouchPros’s networking capabilities you can display multiple synchronized clocks in 1 or many rooms, and even manage them from your Windows Tablet.

Here is a video demonstrating how to use QwikTouchPro to create a poker clock -

Sample Poker Clocks