Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Running Macros from the Windows Task Scheduler

The newest release of QwikTouchPro includes a standalone command line utility called RunMacros.exe.

click image for larger view

Run Macros.exe lets you run macros on local and remote QwikTouchPro hosts from a command line.

eg:  RunMacros.exe

(QME=QwikTouchPro Macro Event, or *.qme file) 

This example would display a Breakfast Menu on the QwikTouchPro host running on

You can combine this with the Windows Task Scheduler (or any scheduling software) to schedule QwikTouchPro Macros.

For example, if you had 2 QwikTouchPro displays - a Food Menu and a Drink Menu, you could show different menus at different times of day -

click image for larger view

RunMacros.exe supports any QwikTouchPro Macro Export, so anything you can do from the Macro Editor can be done from the command line, scheduling software or 3rd party application.

Video – QwikTouchPro and Keystroke with a Customer Display

This video demonstrates many new features of QwikTouchPro and how we can use them to tightly integrate with KeystrokePOS.

Link to YouTube for full screen
Some of the features demonstrated in this video include -
  • Multiple templates running on multiple monitors
  • Dynamic templates based off of the current sale
  • Data driven inventory lists
  • Buttons that respond differently to different inventory items
  • Electronic scale integration
  • Auto scrolling inventory lists
  • Restricting macros by Keystrok security level

Monday, January 16, 2012

Video - Drink KIOSK Sample

(no sound)

This video demonstrates using QwikTouchPro as a Touch Screen KIOSK to browse and print drink recipes.

Link to Video on YouTube for FullScreen

Something like could be placed in a liquor store and can even print custom receipts based off the drink the user has selected (e.g. if the recipe contains Vodka, print a coupon for a particular brand along with the directions for making the drink).

The video starts out with a couple of sample “idle” templates that are cycled through when the KIOSK has been idle. 

Once the user touches the screen they can scroll and filter the list of drinks, as well as view and print the ingredients and instructions for a drink.

This demo uses only QwikTouchPro a 2 CSV Files.