Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Feature – Set Active Program Macro

Introduced in QwikTouchPro v0.1.39

Target: Programs
Action: Set Active Program (and Clear Active Program)

The Set Active Program Macro tells QwikTouchPro what program we want to send Keys and Codes to.

By default, the Active Program is whatever program (Windows application) has the focus, usually the last program the user was working with.

If we create a Key to send a stock number to Keystroke we want to make sure Keystroke is the Active Program.  This may not be true if the user switches to another program before touching the Key (maybe they were surfing the Internet or checking their e-mail).

To make QwikTouchPro activate Keystroke before sending keys to it we can add a Macro to set the Active Program to Keystroke.

This screen shot shows a typical “Set Active Program” for Keystroke.

This Macro will be run when the Template loads – we add the Macro here so it will be run anytime this template is opened. 

The Parameters are:
Program – Browse to your Keystroke Program file (or whatever program you want to set as Active).

Activation Options
Open Program – this tells QwikTouchPro to open the program when activating it.
Activate  Program – this tells QwikTouchPro to Activate the program.
* Do not use this option with Keystroke.  The only way for QwikTouchPro to activate Keystroke is to Move it.

Move Program
This tells QwikTouchPro to move the program when activating it.
* Requires a Program Window

When this template loads, QwikTouchPro will set Keystrok as the Active Program.

Before QwikTouchPro tries to send any keys or codes to the Active Program, it will first Open (if needed) and Move (if needed) Keystroke, giving it the focus.

This ensures that Keystroke is Open, has the Focus, and also ensures that Keystroke is the right size and in the right location (as specified by the Program Window).

The “Clear Active Program” clears the Active Program so that any keys or codes are sent to whatever program has the focus.

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